Zone 2 covers the Central West areas of NSW with rides held in Windeyer, Mudgee, and Tooraweenah. 


We run a point score each year within the Zone for all members that attend Zone 2 affiliated endurance rides (80km or more) with presentations completed at the AGM the following year (for 2017 point score, presentation was made at the AGM in February 2018.)


The affiliated rides for 2019 are Tooraweenah, Windeyer and Bullio Cup (Orange).


One of the point scores are for the one horse one rider combinations in each weight division (Divisions as per NSWERA rulebook).


* Heavyweight - All-up riding weight of 91kg and over at the pre-ride weigh in

* Middleweight - All-up riding weight of 73kg and over at the pre-ride weigh in

* Lightweight - All-up riding weight of less than 73kg at the pre-ride weigh in

* Junior - Riders who attain 17 years or less in the year of the ride


(All-up riding weight must include all riding gear excluding bridle.)


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