Getting started in Endurance Riding

So, you are interested in learning more about Endurance or perhaps looking at attending your first endurance ride and not sure how to go about it ??


Hopefully we can help answer some of your questions or guide you to where the info is.




Whilst you can enter endurance events without becoming a member of a local club, most would agree joining a club is invaluable especially if you are new to the sport. There are many experienced endurance riders that are only too willing to share helpful advice and support to get you started or even show you local tracks to train.


Endurance rides would not be possible without the hard work of Ride Organisers and Volunteers, without them Endurance Ridng would simply not exist. Being involved within your local club will enable you to learn what happens behind the scenes and allow you to give back to the sport. You will also make some great friends along the way!!


NSW Zone 2 Central West Endurance Riders Club welcomes new members. Our club is a friendly bunch who enjoy training together and looking out for one another at endurance events. To join our club please go to our about page for details and fees. You can get a membership form by emailing The Treasurer (see the contact page) or by downloading a form by clicking on the "join" button below and either posting or emailing your completed form to the treasurer .


JOINING NSWERA (NSW Endurance RIders Association)


(If you are in a State other than NSW, please see our links page for the association relevant to your State) You can enter Social, Intro & Training Rides without joining the State body, such as NSWERA.  However joining becomes compulsory when you are looking at entering your 80km (and longer) rides.  Joining NSWERA initially is recommended as it will provide you with insurance coverage along with the newsletter which will keep you abreast of the latest ride information and rule changes.

Please refer to the NSWERA website for further details.




Joining a new sport can be daunting and overwhelming, for that reason we recommend you make contact with a member of Zone 2 or even volunteer at a ride - you can learn a lot by helping out and make some great new friends! Please refer to our ride calendar to see when a ride is coming up in our Zone. Like many of us, you will probably get bitten by the bug - at this point joining your local club would be a great start.


New South Wales Endurance Riders Club (NSWERA) has a great "Getting Started in Endurance Guide" which covers things such as;


  • Introduction. 

  • How to become a member of NSWERA INC. 

  • Membership qualification for riders. 

  • How to qualify your horse. 

  • How to apply for a logbook for your horse. 

  • Entry; Vetting procedure and strapping techniques for an Endurance Ride. 

  • Entry; Vetting procedure and strapping techniques for a Training or Social Ride. 

  • Basic strapping kit. 

  • Summary of rider and horse qualifications. 

  • AERA vet-gate-into-hold (VGIH) and FEI rides.


They also have the latest;

Rule Book
NSW Ride Calendar
Nomination Forms
Links to Endurance Sites


A few points to remember

  • Always check your vehicle/float/gear for wear and tear well before the weekend of the ride

  • Always test new gear for fit and comfort during training and never at a ride

  • Remember to plan your rides well in advance, look at maps and work out where you are going ahead of time.  

  • Leave with plenty of time to arrive at the ride base with your horse and yourself refreshed prior to pre-ride vetting

  • If you need help, don't be afraid to ask. Everyone has been new at some stage

  • Always listen to your horse and plan/ride accordingly.


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